We specialize in digital media solutions for everything from feature films, short films, commercials, branded television channels and social media ads. 

 We have worked to produce over $1,000,000.00 in content revenue for our clients over the past few years. Also, Our award-winning production team has over 25 film festival wins combined under our belt.  

Our ultimate goal is to leverage the power of our unparalleled knowledge, experience and industry relationships to make your next project as profitable and exciting as possible. 

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What is KTA Interactive Media?

KTA Interactive Media, LLC is a  full house production company that helps businesses like yours create content that not only looks great but also engages and converts your customers.

What do we do?

We specialize in cinema grade interactive media such as videos, infographics, and slideshows that help you stand out from the crowd and get results. 


"Professional. Resourceful. Creative. Solution-oriented. An absolute pleasure to work with."

-Neena Love, Author


"A very humble business owner with a servant's heart. If you are running a business,  then you need KTA by your side!"

-James Cheatham, Voice Narrator A.K.A. The voice of James


"Absolutely A1 services! I would recommend for any client looking to brings their ideas to life through the various media platforms and expect customer/client relations to be just as professional" 

– D'von LaRue, Owner of 20/20 Productionz


"5 Stars All Around!"

– Carlos A. Newton, Host of the Mr. Aye Yo  Youtube channel


"Creative ideas and professional in every aspect. A pleasure to work with."

-Yvonne Petterson, Senior Solutions Expert at ShapeConnect

Final Message!

There are so many different options available for digital media platforms and it's hard to cut through the noise. We want to make your content clear so it cuts through that noise and connects with your audience.  With those extra clicks comes extra visitors, and those extra visitors should convert into more sales and revenue. That's why we say we build brands better! We're always here to answer questions and help walk you through the simple process of getting your digital media campaign up and running today!

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